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Ms. Stancel,
	I don't understand what you'd gain by switching to another
manufacturer. After all the smell of spilled xylol is the same for any
system. I would like to point out that there is another alternative. B&R
makes a metal still. I love mine. By the way you might point out to your
safety committee, that your tissue processor heats xylene too. 
Respectfully, Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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		Subject:	Recycling Revisited

		Dear Histo Friends,

		Please revisit the recycler issue with me.

		I am looking for those of you have recyclers, specifically
the B&R and the 

		Background:  We have two B&R recyclers...been using them for
10 years.  And 
		for the last 4 years I get nothing but grief from our
tri-yearly safety 
		audit and inspection people. They complain about the odors,
which we explain 
		to them are there because sometimes we spill a little
solvent. They complain 
		about heating solvents to a distillation point and the
"dangers" of 
		explosions and fires.  I explain there have never been fires
or explosions 
		with this type of system. I even point out the mounted fire
		I am so tired of the same argument 3-4 times a year.  And
now the new kink 
		may be the cool water pumps exceed noise levels!!!!

		We recycle about 25 to 30 liters of ethanol and about the
same for xylene. 
		We like our recyclers and feel confident in their results
and the most 
		excellent service we receive from B&R. Thanks to Ann, Roger
and especially 
		James Taylor! Our experiences have all been positive.

		Despite how I feel about B&R, we are looking at a total
replacement of our 
		recycling systems and are expecting a CBG demo in this week.
My biggest 
		dilemma is TIME!!!!  We have two weeks to make a
decision!!!! There are 
		special funds available RIGHT NOW which will replace all of
our recyclers 
		with new ones, but we have to decided very quickly.

		I have been through the Histonet Archives and read EVERY
		ABOUT RECYCLING I could find. I have spent five WEEKEND
hours researching 
		and reading, trying to get a broad base for making this

		Now that you have heard me is my request. I
would like to 
		hear from anyone who has made the switch from B&R spinning
band distillation 
		to a CBG type fractional distillation or visa versa!! I need
to know the 
		compared quality of end product of both units and why you
changed. If you 
		are in the continental USA, please include a phone number. I
may need to 
		call and talk. (much faster than my typing!)

		Histologically yours,

		Barbara Stancel, HTL(ASCP)
		USDA, FSIS,Pathology
		Athens, Georgia   30605
		Phone: 706-546-3556
		Fax: 706-546-3589

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