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Although I am not in the market for another job right at this moment, I like
being able to see what is available across the nation without having to jump
or search a bunch of web sites. I can see the point of the recruiters being
like a vendor though. But I think that all in all it is okay to post vacant
positions to help anyone looking for a job else where. Who knows, one day it
may be me. Just my opinion.

Diane C. Gladney, HT(ASCP)
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
Dept. of Pathology, Histology Section
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207-5600

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I almost wrote the exact same e-mail yesterday.  And then I stopped to think
that it certainly give histotechs who are looking for positions some
exposure that they might not already get. However, I think the recruiters
could certainly host their own listserver or website to post these positions
so that all interested parties could go to those sites when they're looking
for positions.  Or they could post them on a page set up on the NSH website.
A recruiter is somewhat akin to a vendor...they have something to sell for
which they get paid.  

I think there are lots of options but then I'm not looking for a job.  We
might want to hear from those people on the list who might be likely to move
or who find the constant postings of job opportunities to be of value before
we ask the recruiters to find a more appropriate forum.  And of course,
there's always the delete button.

Just one person's opinion.

Linda Durbin
EXAKT Technologies, Inc.

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Am I alone in not wanting the histonet to be invaded by professional job 
recruiters?  I don't mind the techs listing a position for their institution

- but I do resent all of the professional recruitment ads placed lately on 
the histonet.

Freida Carson

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