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As a consultant and a Manager in pathology,  I too like to see the job
postings, HOWEVER it is not fair to allow the recruiters to perform their
business and not allow the vendors on the net. If we allowed all vendors
this type of advertisement most of us would leave the histo-net due to the
overwhelming mail we would receive. I do not think the histo-net was set up
for this type of communication. 

 I think the Recruiters should have one web site for all pathology related
positions that we could go to when the need arises. I feel it would be fair
to list the web page address on this net a few times a year. Currently, it
surely is a conflict of interest to allow this type of free recruiter
advertisement to continue.

Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP)
Pathology Manager
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN
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		I agree.  I'm not looking for a job and I wouldn't visit a
web site that
		posts jobs unless I was looking.  But I enjoy seeing what's
available out
		there!!!  One never knows when that perfect position is

		Dawn Schneider, HT(ASCP)
		Howard Young Medical Center
		Woodruff, WI

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		>I kind of enjoy the postings, primarily because they serve
as reminders of
		>how robust our profession remains and secondarily, because
they (sometimes)
		>provide realtime snapshots of what salary structures are
doing. Andy, St.
		>Josephs, Phx AZ
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		>> Am I alone in not wanting the histonet to be invaded by
professional job
		>> recruiters?  I don't mind the techs listing a position
for their
		>> institution
		>> - but I do resent all of the professional recruitment ads
placed lately
		>> the histonet.
		>> Freida Carson

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