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If you supply information as to type of cryostat, knife in use, disposable
or solid, sample being sectioned and what temperature in microtome chamber.
It would be far easier to determine the problem.

Here is a check list to try.


1) Tighten knife, specimen holder clamp.

2) Check knife sharpness.

3) Check knife angle.

4) If none of these rectifies problem, the slideways on the microtome may
have wear and    movement, and will need to be adjusted.

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I have been having some touble while sectioning fresh frozen tissue this
week. I have tried several different things to rememdy, nothing working. Has
anyone else experienced these problems? And how where they resolved.
1. The tissue is splitting in half, all the way across the face of the
Not the up and down which would indicate to move the blade.
2. Bad problem with thick and thin sections. I've sprayed the tissue to
down the temp and make it colder.
3. Also when facing the block I have noticed, that there are ripples in the
4. Alot of Chatter, and the venetian blind.
So anyone out there can help!!!!! I appreciate it!!! Thank -you ..

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