RE: Chrome Alum in Water Baths

From:David Taylor Manager <>

Hi all, distilled water fresh daily and chrome alum/ gelatine coated
slides for the brains, keratotic skins, muscle, fish bits, etc. We us a
60C hot-plate for about 5-10 minutes after blotting and draining. Have
never used plus or charged slides. It does pay to use good quality glass
slides as the cheap ones can have grease, grime and fungus . Don't have
any problems with sections lifting. David.

David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

>How many people out there do not use anything (gelatin, chrome alum,
>etc.) in their waterbaths for routine surgicals?  Do you use regular or
>positively-charged slides?  How long do you leave slides on the hot
>plate and/or leave in the oven before staining?  Do you have problems
>with the tissue falling off?
>Laurie Colbert
>Huntington Memorial Hospital
>Pasadena, CA

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