Mike Titford - Gruebler dyes


This note is addressed to Michael Titford - can't find his e-mail address, 
and this may be of some interest to the whole list.

I have some bottles of Gruebler dyes that were ancient when they were 
discarded in the department of pathology at Johns Hopkins around 1972. The 
labels have turned dark brown and would be most difficult to photograph. I 
don't know anything about the history of these bottles. They've been at room 
temperature in the dark for the nearly thirty years I've had them.

The labels read (umlauts spelled out):

Leichtloesl. Berliner Blau Ia. [one ay], Dr. G. Gruebler & Co., Leipzig. 
Round seal: Dr. G. Gruebler & Co., Leipzig. Separate label: made in Germany.

50 gr. Benzoazurin [handwritten]. Physiol-Chem. Laboratorium Dr. G. Gruebler, 

Anilinblau. Dr. G. Gruebler Leipzig. A separate label reads Arthur H. Thomas 
Laboratory, Philadelphia, and some more words I can't read.

Fuchsine S Acid. Dr. G. Gruebler & Co., Leipzig. A small diamond-shaped G & 
Co. label reads Dr. G. Gruebler & Co., Leipzig. Inh. Joh. u. Albr. Schmid.

In this same box, possibly from an unrelated source, I found Hematoxylin 
(Delafield) 1 oz. Lot No. 7549. National Aniline and Chemical Co., Inc., 
Pharmaceutical Division. New York. National Medicinal Products. A separate 
label is from Central Scientific Company.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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