Mamatone breast biopsy with calcifications

From:anatomic pathology <>

Thank you everyone for your words of advice and encouragment.  I am 
preparing a memo of the suggestions that were given to present to the 
pathologists and am sure that we can work out some better solution to our 
problem.  My next question on this subject is how do you handle the extra 
cost and work involved? There are only 2 people in this department.  We are 
cutting over 7000 cases per year and also handle a heavy cytology, nongyn, 
load with assisting in these procedures.  Often one person is working 
alone,with vacations ,etc.  It is not uncommon to end up with 20 or more 
slides on 2 blocks.  and to spend the morning recutting blocks.  Also how do 
you charge for these cases?  Who pays for the continuing x-rays done on 
these blocks? Also all methods of decalcification are not an option with 
this group, for these.  We just use disposable knives and be as careful as 
possible.  Didn't intend to be so long winded.  Thanks again  AJMixon
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