Maintenance agreement em processors

From:Teresa Flores <>

Morris, I received your fax on the 1999 po and will give it to our
administrators to be paid.
The other thing I needed from you that I did not received is the
maintenance agreement contract for the two leica processors in our em lab.
The one we are having trouble with is flashing E3.  I have used the leica
em processor manual to try and trouble shoot it myself, but all attempts
have not worked.
I spoke to David Charles yesterday afternoon, your maintenance rep for
Louisiana area and David said that "Leica was no longer offering
maintenance contracts for "old" processor".
 What exactly does "old" mean, Morris?
This maintenance agreement contract with Leica just did expire on April 11,
Leica never did inform us that Leica was no longer going to have
maintenance agreement contracts.
I believe there is a law against that, but I would have to check.
Anyway, I could be blowing this out of proportion, but please get back to
me.  As you see, I am posting this in the histonet for all technologist to
read, for I believe it is very important information for all em labs.
 Thanks, Teresa

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