HPV Testing

From:"Wrona, Erin" <WronaE@pamf.org>

Hi Everyone!

My boss asked me to post a question.  We are considering (very far down the
road) purchasing a Ventana system to do HPV testing on ThinPreps.   There
seems to be confusion over who is able to read the in-situ HPV.  In your
labs, who does the HPV testing, and how do they do it?  Cytotechs or CLS's?
Do you bill it as a clinical lab, cyto lab, or AP lab test?  How do you code
it?  What educational background do you require for the staff involved?
Since regulations are different everywhere, please tell me what state you
are in when you respond. Thanks you so much for your help!!!

Erin Wrona, BS, HT (ASCP)
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Palo Alto, Ca

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