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From:"Gladney, Diane C" <Diane.Gladney@se.amedd.army.mil>

Hi Fellow Histonetters,

I have a Fisher Protocol Auto H&E Stainer w/ coverslipper that has been
recalled by the manufacturer. I have had only very minor problems with this
stainer and I hate to have to give it up. Fisher wants to replace the
stainer with the Hacker MK II Linear Stainer. This stainer is almost 5 ft.
long and each station cannot be individually timed. The time set is the time
the slide rack will stay in each station. Reagent concentration determines
the length of each step. Not only is the unit very large, but I can't seem
to find anyone that currently has this stainer to evaluate the pros and
cons. Since we cannot keep our Protocol stainer, I would like to have
something that is about the same size and that I can control the time in
each station. I know that Leica makes a stainer that would meet our needs
but I urgently need some feedback on the Hacker stainer so that I and our
pathologists can make a timely decision of whether to accept the Hacker
stainer or opt for the money to replace the old stainer with another
stainer. I know that there are some labs that are using this Hacker stainer.
Is it really cost effective as the company claims? What about staining
problems. I am the only Histotech in our lab and I have to do everything
from accessioning, grossing, etc. You get the picture! My time is valuable
and I can't spend unnecessary time each week making dilutions of stains and
reagents just to do the H&E stain. Please give me some feedback as soon as

Thanks a million,

Diane C. Gladney, HT(ASCP)
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
Dept. of Pathology, Hi

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