FW: Reusing of retrieval solution

From:Jim Manavis <jim.manavis@imvs.sa.gov.au>

We use the DAKO retrieval solutions for some of our antibodies. We buy the
500ml 10x concentrate which makes a total 5 litres of the working solution.
It is then put into 500ml bottles (batched) of the working solution. We
reuse each batch 5x. We ran an initial trial many years ago and found that
reusing the solution up to 7x we still obtained excellent results, but to
err on the side of caution we decided on 5x reuse only.

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From:	Tom Wells [mailto:tomers@home.com]
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Subject:	Reusing of retrieval solution

I was wondering whether or not people reuse retrieval solution after HIER
and if you do how many times do you reuse it. We currently use Dako's
retrieval solution and discard it after each use, but, it seems to me that
there is no chemical reason to discard it. Any comments would be
appreciated. Thanks. Tom
Tom Wells, BSc, ART
Supervisor, Immunohistochemistry Laboratory
Lions Gate Hospital
North Vancouver, BC

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