Breast tissue with microcalcification

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You can do a surface decalcification of block face, after trimming, just
put the block face down in a routine bone decalcifying solution for a few
minutes (take care not to overdecalcify with HCL) rinse well or neutralize
the acid with sodium bicarbonate solution or lithium carbonate, try Scotts
Tap water substitute or other bluing reagent (to not ruin your knife blade
and other metal parts by acid).  Take care to orient the block in holder
exactly the same way you had it during trimming.  The block can be recooled
before sectioning.

This will remove the microcalcifications for a few micrometers, and you may
have to repeat if you need more sections.  DO NOT RETRIM THE BLOCK, you
need the first few sections. This is important. 

Good luck

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