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I was asked for more details about a SNAFU using the wrong 2ndary
antibody.  The 2ndary was a complete miss; rabbit anti-goat, instead of
goat anti-rabbit.  So the primary should be left untouched.  My main
concern is that the tissue was stored in cyrosolution while we tried to
figure out what had gone wrong.  The cryosolution kept it at -20 oC but
it was not really frozen (no ice crystals).  But I have some concern
about the
antigen-antibody interaction during the cryopreservation.  If it
separates, thats OK.  If it remains intact, thats OK, too.  But if the
antigen-recognizing portion of the primary anibody remains intact and
the rest is destroyed, we're out of luck,  I don't imagine there is much
information about this situation out there, but I think (feel or hope,
may be a better choice of words) that the 3rd option is unlikely.

Any other thoughts on this???--I am planning on running the tissue
through the primary and then the right secondary next week some time.

Thanks for the input,
Bret A. Morrow, Ph.D.
Associate research scientist
Associate clinical professor
Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, CT 06520-8066

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