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From:Beverly Braswell <qihc@hotmail.com>
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Maybe someone has some insight concerning one lab using two different ihc 
automated stainers.  I know it would be a problem using two different kits 
for one case (example: ER, PR, on Ventana and Her-2, Mib-1 on Dako)when you 
are going to perform image analysis, due to the variations in the kits and 
stainers.  My question is would it be a problem to run other makers from the 
same case that would not have image done on them? Would the level of 
intensity be a issue - high, med, low - compared to the rest of the case?  
If you have two different types of stainers please respond.  My opinion is 
that the complete case should be ran on only one stainer.

Help! qihc
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