fluorochrome labeling rabbit bone

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From:Cathy Mayton <Cathy@wasatchhisto.com>
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It has been many moons (1984) since labeling rabbits with fluorochrome
labels.  Mary Stevens gave you a good lead and veterinarians may be able to
help as well.  I will look back through some filed information to see if I
can come with another supplier for you.

We dosed our animals waited 10 days and dosed them again on the 11th day.
You must then wait 3-5 days to euthanize so that the second label is
"sealed" within the bone matrix.  We did not do any rabbit studies at the
VA only dogs and they were easy to dose because we just broke the capusules
into canned dog food.  The dogs got dosed (and a treat) and we got our bone
tet labeled.

Hope this helps.


GLP Compliant Laboratory

Cathy A. Mayton
Wasatch Histo Consultants, Inc.

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