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Hi everyone

A number of items for you.

Iodine can be removed by hypo (sodium thiosulphate). Its how I used to
desilver my hands (in the good old days!).

Peripheral nerve staining by silver is enhanced if counterstained with luxol
fast blue. Glees is good, but can be granular and also demos associated
collagen very well too. Palmgren was always our method of choice, followed
by Glees and Holmes.

Rapid Pap method

Alcohol fix slides
Rinse in water 15 seconds
Harris htox 1 minute
Rinse in water 15 seconds
IMS 30 seconds
IMS 30 seconds
EA 50 1 minute
IMS 30 seconds
IMS 1 minute
Xylene 30 seconds
Xylene 1 minute
Mount DPX

OG can be safely left out of the method, unless lung, skin or cervical
samples are being looked at, in which case add it after second IMS rinse
before EA, and do a further rinse in IMS before the EA. This works well on
our machine too.


Hedley Glencross
Princess Royal Hospital

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