Re: quenching autofluorescence

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From:Margaret Gondo <>
To:Mike King <>
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Do you know if the 0.5% Sodium borohydride solution should be adjusted
to a neutral pH ~7?


Mike King wrote:
> Yesterday,"Barry, Lilith" <>  posted
> Subject: Quenching autofluorescence
> ...Is there a way of quenching or blocking this autofluorescence before doing
> the immuno? ...
> In the Molecular Probes catalog there is a procedure for this, I don't have
> the catalog at the moment but I believe it is simple immersion in 0.5%
> sodium borohydride for a few minutes prior to antibody incubations.  You
> could test it and work out the necessary reaction times on sections not
> being immunolabelled.

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