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Dear  Monique
We use the same processing method you do, on our pigs and nonhuman primate 
but we use potassium dicromate as our fixative. First the brains are in 
formalin until we can trim them in for atleast a day or two then we put them 
in K-dicromate for 4 hours rinse them under running water for at least 30 
minutes than we put them on the tissue processor on a 3 day cycle. We don't 
use formalin on our tissue processor.
I hope this helps
Sandi Miller HT
MRICD Research
PS: Maybe since yours are newborn pig brains you might not keep them in 
K-Dicromate as long, and maybe you won't need a 3 day cycle on the processor 
this is just what we do
Our pigs are not newborn and either are our nonhuman primates.

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