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Hi Susan,

There are several options available - here they are

Calcein #C-0875 - Sigma Co. Excitation @ 420-490, SQ injection @ 10mg/kg - give this as your term labels - approximately on 13 and 3 days prior to sacrifice.  If you suspect that your rabbits have severally depressed bone formation (including your controls) you can give it on 2 consective days ~14/13 and 4/3 prior to sac. 

Tetracycline # T3383, Sigma Co., Excitation @ 380-420, SQ @25mg/kg injection at day 0 of study.

Don't give the Cal and Tet as the term labels together, the cal is pretty bright, and can shadow the tet.

Another option, not as bright or easy to read against the dark bone, is Alizarin Red S, Sigma Co # A5533 SQ @ 30mg/kg.  This could be used in place of tet, but I wouldn't recommend it in place of the calcein.

Good luck,

>>> susan king <> 07/27 8:48 AM >>>
Good Morning!
     We want 2 label bone in rabbits and as I'm sure U all know..they want 
it yesterday.  Any recommendations as to what labels to use and where to get 
it would B greatly appreciated. Seems that old suppliers have dried up for 
                Thank You! Susan
S. King 
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