Re: ? about portable cryostat, who carries it?

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Dear Sandi;

Hacker Instruments carries this unit.

You can contact us at the following: 
 <A HREF="">Hacker Instruments & Industries, 
Inc. - Home Page</A>
Hacker instruments & Industries Inc
17 Sherwood Lane
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Tel: 1-800-4-HACKER     or   (973) 226-8450
Fax: (973) 808-8281

We look forward to hearing from you.


Elfi Hacker 

Dear Histonet;
Does anyone remember who carries the portable unit, please send me the 
company name so I can find there email site or phone number to receive more 
information on this unit. The cryostat I beleive plugs into the ligher in a 
car so that this unit can be used in the field. 
Thank you
Sandi Miller HT
MRICD Research

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