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From:Jim Staruk <>
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I was just about to pose the same question, except my problem is fees.  I'm
going crazy trying to establish a set fee for immuno staining.  Some
antibodies are one step, no pre-treatment while others require MOM (mouse on
mouse) pre-treatment, heat, over night incubations, etc.  I've had some
investigators send me antibodies they know little to nothing about and ask
me to "see if I can get it to work"!   I'm curious to find out how others
charge for immunos.


James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service

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> That is a very good question.  I have been trying to
> figure that out for the last six months.  The old CAP
> scored Immunocytochemistry as 13 minutes per slide.
> That was before all the pretreatments.  And that was
> manually.  Cutting blocks for the first cut was 3.5
> minutes with each additional cut at 2.0.  I have
> others if anyone is interested.  I know that medicaid
> and medicare recently just adjusted the technical
> componet but I am not sure what RU relate to.  Anyone
> have any ideas.....?  TTFN
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