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Dear Peggy
I used the tape coverslipper on my slides for the boards in 1996 and I still 
have slides that I didn't send to them, you know the ones that were ok but 
not perfect, anyway last year I was working somewhere else and was asked if I 
had used this before, when I dug out my old slides only 3 yrs old the tape 
had pulled away from the slides and the some tissue was on the tape and away 
from the slide. Some seemed to be faded, all I can say is thank goodness the 
boards read the slides quite fast if not It wouldn't had been pretty. That 
was mine own personal experience. It could be that we had just gotten the 
machine and wasn't adjusting the machine to put out enough 
glue or maybe we were using to much. I haven't heard of the lab having any 
problems with it. I just know most histology supervisors like the glass 
slipcovers better. 
Good luck
Sandi Miller HT
MRICD Research

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