Re: Starting up a Histology Lab

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From:Amos Brooks <>
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    Actually, considering the amount of histology equipment that has been coming
up missing from labs in the California area, I would expect to find lots of hits
on an E-bay search.
... OK that is a joke! Y'all are supposed to laugh now ...
Amos wrote:

> Dear Ann
> I have seen some Histology equipment come up for sale on the Ebay site under
> the search word Histology , you also might want to check yahoo for item sale.
> There usually not much but you can check back and forth, plus someone on the
> histonet might be able to sell you one. Maybe the companies like Shandon has
> a reconditioned one or display one for sale.
> Hope this help
> Sandi Miller HT
> MRICD Research
> Md

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