Re: Rapid PAP stains for CT guided FNA Bx's

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To determine adequacy on FNA's,  most labs use either a Toluidine Blue wet
film (the easiest method) or a Diff-Quik type stain.  Rarely do labs use a
quick Pap stain (too much trouble).

For the Toluidine Blue: Put a drop of the aspirate from the needle onto the
slide, add a drop of Toluidine Blue on top of that, drop on a coverslip and
look under the scope.  A preliminary determination of malignancy can often
be made from this too.  Some labs just toss this slide afterwards, some
gently slide off the coverslip, drop the slide in alcohol, and then stain it
with the rest of the FNA slides.

A slide for Diff-Quik has to air dry before staining and sometimes this can
take a minute or two, this can be frustrating.

Obviously, I recommend doing a Toluidine Blue wet film.

Beth Cox  SCT/HT(ASCP)

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Subject: Rapid PAP stains for CT guided FNA Bx's

> Hello all,
> Can any one give info on, or procedure, or staining product for rapid
> resulting
> for CT FNA Bx's, to determine the adequacy of the specimen.
> Thanks in advance.
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