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From:Patricia E Quattrone <>

We have used Prefer for many years.  Our OR jars are filled with Prefer
however, we transfer large, fatty specimens to Formalin upon arrival to
lab.  We also use Formalin in the tissue processor. There is poor
staining of audiophiles with Prefer fixation so we  use Safefix II for
all biopsy containers.  Anatech (Prefer) is reputable and we have never
had a problem with receiving our standing order.  I can't say the same
for Fisher (Safefix II). We have had no problem with special stains or
immuno's. Hope this info helps
Pat Quattrone
Olean, NY

On Sat, 22 Jul 2000 18:24:27 -0500 (CDT) sharon lang
<> writes:
> Dear Fellow Histonetters:
> I am interested in any input from my colleagues regarding Prefer 
> Fixative.  
> If you use it, do you have to antigen retrieve..are your special 
> stains pale 
> and muddy???   Please help.
> Sharon
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