Re: Microwave - Medical waste disposal

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From:Terry J Mattoon <>

Hi Jan: 

I would just appreciate learning more about this technology, if you don't
mind, please send me a copy.  Thanks The address below should get it to
me.  Thanks again.

Terry J. Mattoon HT(ASCP)
VA Med Ctr.  #113
White River Jct.,VT   05001
(802) 296-5193  (direct # to lab secretary)
802-296-6328  -  FAX

On Sat, 29 Jul 2000 12:40:50 -0400 (EDT) writes:
> Russ and Terry,
> I have some information that might describe the type of technology 
> under 
> discussion.  It is definitely not the same technology that we use to 
> pop 
> popcorn!  
> I recently received correspondence from Mid-Continent Technology 
> Transfer 
> Center (MCTTC), which is funded by NASA.  MCTTC was established to 
> facilitate 
> the transfer of NASA technology to US companies and assist them in 
> their 
> commercialization efforts.  The flyer referred to the MSC-22802-1 
> Microwave 
> Powered Sterile Access Port.  This device was originally developed 
> for NASA 
> to provide a less expensive, easy to use method for eliminating 
> potential 
> contamination during transfer of materials into and from bioreactors 
> or other 
> sample environments.  For commercial environments it is targeted as 
> a means 
> of providing sterilization in manufacturing for the pharmaceutical 
> industry 
> as well as bottled water, fruit juice, and dairy industries.  The 
> flyer 
> states that "The technology and device were primarily intended for 
> use in 
> biomedical research and/or test facilities where contamination of 
> complex 
> biomedical experiments is of concern."
> I have worked with a group in Research Triangle Park that is 
> developing 
> similar technology.  They have also received federal funding and 
> already have 
> contracts with several large companies.  The technology is amazing 
> and the 
> process is astounding.   
> If you think that this is the technology under question I would be 
> happy to 
> send you a copy of the flyer.  Just drop me your snail mail 
> information on a 
> return message.
> Jan Minshew
> Technical Director
> TBS, Inc 

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