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Russ and Terry,

I have some information that might describe the type of technology under 
discussion.  It is definitely not the same technology that we use to pop 

I recently received correspondence from Mid-Continent Technology Transfer 
Center (MCTTC), which is funded by NASA.  MCTTC was established to facilitate 
the transfer of NASA technology to US companies and assist them in their 
commercialization efforts.  The flyer referred to the MSC-22802-1 Microwave 
Powered Sterile Access Port.  This device was originally developed for NASA 
to provide a less expensive, easy to use method for eliminating potential 
contamination during transfer of materials into and from bioreactors or other 
sample environments.  For commercial environments it is targeted as a means 
of providing sterilization in manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry 
as well as bottled water, fruit juice, and dairy industries.  The flyer 
states that "The technology and device were primarily intended for use in 
biomedical research and/or test facilities where contamination of complex 
biomedical experiments is of concern."

I have worked with a group in Research Triangle Park that is developing 
similar technology.  They have also received federal funding and already have 
contracts with several large companies.  The technology is amazing and the 
process is astounding.   

If you think that this is the technology under question I would be happy to 
send you a copy of the flyer.  Just drop me your snail mail information on a 
return message.

Jan Minshew
Technical Director
TBS, Inc 

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