Re: Kappa and Lambda IHC

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From:Abizar Lakdawalla <>
To:"Trivett Melanie (PMC)" <>
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Try pepsin pre-treatment or retrieval with pH2 or pH4 buffers. Can fax you the

"Trivett Melanie (PMC)" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Was wondering if any kind souls out there could give me some advice on Kappa
> and Lambda staining on formalin fixed paraffin embedded human tissue.
> Currently we use tonsil as a control and use HIER by pressure cooking for 2
> minutes in citrate buffer (pH 6.0).  At the moment we get some background
> staining.  I have heard that some people use enzyme digestion for these
> antibodies...any comments??
> Thanks in advance.
> Melanie Trivett
> Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
> Melbourne
> Australia

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