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Hi Peggy:

     Thanks for taking the time to post such an informative message.  I 
graduated from a NACCLS accredited school eons ago, and never realized that 
they were falling by the wayside (guess I shouldn't be surprised...mine ended 
years ago). It's a shame that so many teaching institutions, (my current 
employer included), have let this important avenue fail.  We do take trainees 
on a rotational basis here now, but the lack of accredited schools is a 
crying shame.  Wish I could change things, but since I now work in a research 
capacity, my hands are tied on this issue. One question, do you have a hard 
time finding students, or do you have a waiting list for your school?  
    I remember when I graduated (eons ago!!) from med tech school...they 
never taught us phlebotomy because they didn't want to pay for the liability 
insurance, yet we couldn't get hired without that necessary skill!! (Had to 
go out of state to get a job, and they trained me!!) It's a conundrum...we 
want trained...but we won't train!!
    Keep up the good work...we need more educationally dedicated folks like 
you.  You are providing a great service and are to be commended!!

Diane Mahovlic, MLT, HT(ASCP)
Orthopedic Pathology Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, OH  

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