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I vote for # 2.

At 05:10 AM 7/25/2000 -0700, Roger Moretz wrote:
>We have 2 Hacker RCM 3655 coverslippers, purchased in
>'90 and'94.  While they have been sources of much
>frustration, until recently we have been able to keep
>our recoverslipping (due to air bubbles) the less than
>10%, altho' we do get a lot of overflow onto the top
>and bottom of the slides.  For the last 2-3 months,
>however, the air bubble rate has approached 90% at
>times, and even with overflow, we're getting air
>bubbles.  Our current service provider has been in
>several times, and the machines work fine for maybe 24
>hours, and then the medium amount starts drifting, and
>we're back to uselessness.  Two questions:
>1) can we get references for service providers in the
>northeast?  (no, I will NOT give the name of our
>current provider).
>2) is it possible that the machines have
>reached/surpassed their useful lifetimes, and we can
>finally have a "throwing them off the roof" party?
>We would all appreciate any useful comments.  At the
>moment we are hand coverslipping, because the
>recoverslipping problem is causing us to struggle to
>meet deadlines, and this is impacting our
>Roger Moretz
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