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Okay I've been clenching my keyboard, but cannot resist.

Histogel and the (wonderful) new Microm stainer are available through Richard 
Allan Scientific.

1-800-522-7270  Call  for a rep near you!
There, I said it.
Dawn Truscott, HT(ASCP)
Richard-Allan Scientific

In a message dated 07/28/2000 4:40:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Hi Mary:  Over the years I've worked with the Leica
>  and Sakura automatic stainers and they were always
>  user friendly and pretty reliable.  You might want to
>  make sure whatever stainer you get is compatible with
>  an automatic coverslipper you like in case that may be
>  in the future.  I went to CSH in May and saw a pretty
>  neat Micron stainer also.  If you want you can contact
>  me at my personal email and I can give you contacts of
>  some local reps as I am in San Diego also.  We have a
>  pretty friendly group of histotechs here in town and
>  we are always ready to share information.  Best of
>  luck, Pam

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