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From:Jill Songer <>
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I would suggest the Leica Autostainer XL. We love ours!!

At 06:17 PM 7/26/2000 -0400, Hess, Mary wrote:
>Hello all,
>         I work in a commercial laboratory which decided that it would rather
>set up its own histology core than continue to contract out. It started with
>a single employee turned histotech on the side and I'm the second to join
>the circus. We are now in the market for an autostainer for routine H&E and
>Trichrome stains (we already have one for IHC). We're curious about various
>brands and hope that you all can provide some general input about what is
>good for our small operation. Thanks in advance. -Mary, San Diego, CA.

Jill Songer HT (ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

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