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The extent to which a lymph node is sectioned is open to debate.The minimum
protocol I've done in labs is: Levels 1,3,5,7 are H&E, levels 2,4 and 6 are
reserved for possible IHC stains. The choice is tumor dependent- for breast
cancer I did cytokeratin stains, for malignant melanoma, current practice
includes HMB-45 and S100.This advanced planning must practiced by the
Pathologists. The staging process decreases the need for extensive l.n.
dissection (in cases of adenoca of the breast).
Good luck!
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Hello Netters,
What are the protocols used for Sentinel Node sectioning in the histology 
labs?  We initially cut three H&E levels of the tagged lymph node(s) and 
save a slide for possible IHC staining.  If the inital levels are negative 
for tumor seven additional levels are cut with additional slides from these 
levels saved for possible IHC staining.  What additional testing is 
performed in your labs?
Thanks in advance,
Bill Thoendel
Pathology Medical Services
Norfolk, Nebraska
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