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NSH published guidelines some years ago(94-95?) based on CAP's LMIP
(Laboratory Management Index Program) which represent "average numbers" for
laboratories where much of the work is NOT automated.

Only the actual "slide production" and "grossing" areas are included. 

These areas include accessioning of the specimen, assisting during grossing,
work involved in processing (programming, changing solutions, etc.),
embedding, sectioning, routine and special staining (including making
solutions and cleaning up), coverslipping, performing any recuts/levels, as
well as filing and retrieving of slides/blocks.

No cytology prep, autopsy prep, or clerical functions other than
accessioning is included.  There is NO mention of many of the routine
functions in a busy clinical laboratory like perfoming frozen sections,
immunohistochemistry, the constant interruption of phone calls, etc.

Each well-trained histologic technician (HT) or histotechnologist (HTL) can
be expected to produce approximately 3000 slides per quarter, or 12,000
slides per year.  Included in these totals are 2500 H&E slides and 500 of
the common special stains per quarter, or 10,000 H&E's amd 2000 special
stains per year.

12,000 slides per year is roughly equivalent to approx. 50 slides per day.
(In my experience this number is LOW "with" automated staining and
coverslipping).  Most labs produce about 40% more slides than blocks,
including recuts.

Remember, these are numbers for a non-automated laboratory.

Robert Lott, HTL(ASCP)
Baptist Health System
Birmingham, AL

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This is one thing I'm trying to find out!!
Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	How do you corelate workload to FTEs?  ie. How many people are
required per
	slides cut, etc.

	Jennifer MacDonald

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	> Subject: 	RE: Workload/Productivity
	> We used to assign CAP workload units to each task.  It was a
hassle.  The
	> past several years I have just tracked the number of:
	> 	Blocks processed each month
	> 	Slides cut
	> 	Frozen sections performed
	> 	Specimens received
	> 	Special stains performed
	> 	IHC cases and # of antibodies used
	> 	Thinprep PAPs processed vs. conventional smears
	> This has proven to be sufficient justification of
	> Tom Mc Nemar
	> Pathology Supervisor
	> Licking Memorial Hospital
	> Newark, Ohio
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	> > 
	> > Okay!  Our lab is a research facility.  The way we measure
	> is
	> > to count the number of tissues/blocks/slides and sections
produced each
	> > month by the lab as a whole.  We also count the number of
special stain
	> > slides and sections, which isn't very high as we don't do that
	> Hope
	> > this helps.
	> > 
	> > Judi Ford
	> > Palo Alto, CA  
	> > 
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	> > > 
	> > > Let's have an exciting discussion about workload! 
	> > > How is everyone counting it and measuring productivity? TIA,
	> > > Joyce Weems
	> > > Pathology Manager
	> > > Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
	> > > 

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