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Canadian Workload measurement units are alive and well!
As you say, not perfect but effective.


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> Do I assume that Canadian Workload measurements are now dead 
> and buried?  Although far from perfect, it was about the best I ever 
> came accross.
> Phil Hall (if you are reading, Phil, or Phil Bullock) in Bristol, 
> England, worked out the stats ratio for "histotechs/pathologist 
> using figures from the South West of England labs.  They came up 
> with different figures for University (Teaching), large and small 
> hospitals.
> It all depended upon the Roayal of Pathologists figures of 4000 
> (mixed) specimens being the maximum workload of a fully qualified 
> histopathologist.  That figure has been criticised as arbitrary - and 
> it probably is no more than a "best guess".
> Please don't ask me for the figures (my filing system would 
> certainly let me down).  Hopefully Phil or someone else from the 
> South West will read this.
> Russ Allison, 
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

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