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Do I assume that Canadian Workload measurements are now dead 
and buried?  Although far from perfect, it was about the best I ever 
came accross.
Phil Hall (if you are reading, Phil, or Phil Bullock) in Bristol, 
England, worked out the stats ratio for "histotechs/pathologist 
using figures from the South West of England labs.  They came up 
with different figures for University (Teaching), large and small 
It all depended upon the Roayal of Pathologists figures of 4000 
(mixed) specimens being the maximum workload of a fully qualified 
histopathologist.  That figure has been criticised as arbitrary - and 
it probably is no more than a "best guess".
Please don't ask me for the figures (my filing system would 
certainly let me down).  Hopefully Phil or someone else from the 
South West will read this.

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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