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The thing is - how much is enough to justify bodies? To look at our case
load one would think we are overstaffed. However, for the level of service
our pathologists require, it's all we can do to keep up! 

Several years ago I remember seeing statistics on ratio of tech and lab
assistant to pathologists. Does anyone remember anything like this? Does
anyone have it!!??
Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	We used to assign CAP workload units to each task.  It was a hassle.
	past several years I have just tracked the number of:
		Blocks processed each month
		Slides cut
		Frozen sections performed
		Specimens received
		Special stains performed
		IHC cases and # of antibodies used
		Thinprep PAPs processed vs. conventional smears
	This has proven to be sufficient justification of people/equipment.

	Tom Mc Nemar
	Pathology Supervisor
	Licking Memorial Hospital
	Newark, Ohio

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	> Okay!  Our lab is a research facility.  The way we measure
productivity is
	> to count the number of tissues/blocks/slides and sections produced
	> month by the lab as a whole.  We also count the number of special
	> slides and sections, which isn't very high as we don't do that
many. Hope
	> this helps.
	> Judi Ford
	> Palo Alto, CA  
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	> > 
	> > Let's have an exciting discussion about workload! 
	> > How is everyone counting it and measuring productivity? TIA,
	> > Joyce Weems
	> > Pathology Manager
	> > Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta
	> > 

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