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to Tom Wells,

Carazzi's Hx.

Hx.               0.5g
Glycerol          100 cc
Potassium alum    25g
distilled water   400cc
Potassium iodate  0.1g

Overnight, dissolve the Hx. in the glycerol, and the alum in most of the water.
Next morning, the alum solution is added slowly to the Hx solution, mixing very 
well after each addition. The potassium iodate is dissolved in the rest of the 
water, with gentle warming, and then added to the Hx mixture above.
The final staining solution is shaken very well and is ready for immediate use.
Shelf life - 6 months
Wherever possible, it is safer to dissolve reagents without using heat, to avoid 
Carazzi's may be used progressively, as one would need for IHC or regressively 
followed by  differentiation and blueing.

Good luck

St. Luke's 

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