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I agree with Amos,
There are many problems associated with using Prefer for IHC in particular.
Almost all of the literature refers to formalin fixed tissue. The liability
of doing IHC and the associated QC could be a real headache. Stick with
formalin if at all possible.

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    I had wars with tissue fixed in this stuff. We had tissue sent from many
labs to us, often the tissue was fixed in Prefer sometimes they didn't
this. Firstly just give up on KI67 and Herceptest. Some tests stained fine,
others didn't unless you skipped antigen retrieval, while still others
extra retrieval. It was a pain. Take it test by test if you must use it.
to formalin if you can.
by the way the H&Es look beautiful!
Amos Brooks

sharon lang wrote:

> Dear Fellow Histonetters:
> I am interested in any input from my colleagues regarding Prefer Fixative.
> If you use it, do you have to antigen retrieve..are your special stains
> and muddy???   Please help.
> Sharon
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