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We fix canine testes in bouin's solution for 24 hours then gross them in and
put back into bouin's for another 24 hours before processing. If we don't
process right away then the testes are placed in 70% alcohol for storage.
Bouins seems to fix the microscoptic detail better than 10% formalin or
alcoholic formalin according to our pathologists.  


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> Subject:	Non-Rodent Testes
> I am needing information on large animal testes, particular
> canine testes, type of fixation and do you have a special
> technique for taking sections without damaging the testes.
> We currently fix them at necropsy in 10% formalin, making cuts at
> both poles poles.
> We are having damage to the testes, showing up microscopically,
> and also there does not seem to be proper infiltration of
> formalin in the testes.  They are pink in the center 2-3 days
> after being put in the fixative.
> Any information you can give me would be most appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sharon

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