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We are currently using Bouin's fixative for all our testes.  For canine
testes we follow a procedure like yours (opening the poles at necropsy).  We
trim the testes after 24-48 hours and leave the testes in fix for at least
another day.  Then we wash in running tap water for 1 hour followed by
decolorizing in 50% EtOH for up to 1 week.  This eliminates much of the
microscopic damage seen in the testes with formalin fixation, but obviously
also has serious drawbacks (toxicity of the Bouin's and the time loss), so
we are currently investigating the possibility of changing over to a
Davidson's or a modified Davidson's fixative.


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I am needing information on large animal testes, particular
canine testes, type of fixation and do you have a special
technique for taking sections without damaging the testes.

We currently fix them at necropsy in 10% formalin, making cuts at

both poles poles.
We are having damage to the testes, showing up microscopically,
and also there does not seem to be proper infiltration of
formalin in the testes.  They are pink in the center 2-3 days
after being put in the fixative.

Any information you can give me would be most appreciated.



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