RE: Histotech Positions??

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From:Steven Slap <>
To:'John Spair' <>, "" <>

Hi HistoNetters,

"The Histotech's Home Page" ( accepts, free, 
listings from employers looking to hire histotechs and from histotechs 
looking for jobs.  However, that being said, I maintain these listings, and 
I have to apologize to all of you because, at the moment, they are current 
only through the second week of February.  I will be working hard between 
now and the NSH convention to try to bring the listings current.

There is also a Directory of Histotechs on the Net where you can find the 
e-mail and snail mail addresses of your colleagues posted.  Thiese listings 
are also manually updated and current through the second week of February. 

Best regards,
Steven Slap, co-webmaster

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