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Hi Amos,
We use CoPath and we do not have this problem. The only thing you cannot do
is perform more than one function (i.e. make labels and view gross at
another terminal) on the same case at the same time. Check with your IS
supervisor and see if there is some other conflict in the server. 

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    I just switched jobs to a lab that uses Copath systems. I have noticed
we cant have two terminals open at the same time. Is there any way around
>From what I've seen so far this is the nicest system yet.
Amos Brooks

Sheila Poellein wrote:

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> Hi!  We are a new client of Copath--we went live May 30 of this year.  It
> was
> an interesting transition, and a great learning experience.  We have found
> that specimen accessioning (surgicals and gyn) takes approximately 3 times
> longer than Sunquest accessioning.  Rather than just typing on the
> we are now having to type as well as use the mouse to move from various
> windows and tabs.  The good thing about Copath is the computerization of
> consult material (we were previously recording all consults on forms which
> were then filed)  Right now we are doing both methods only because we are
> still in transition, but in the future I hope that we can eliminate the
> paper
> file.  There are many good features with Copath and someone down the line
> from us techs and accessioners definitely benefits by way of information
> retrieval and ease of generating reports.  We are still working out the
> kinks
> and have a few minor adjustments to make, but overall it is a good system.
> I
> have nothing  but Sunquest to compare it to and the fact that it is
> Windows-based makes it an improvement over Sunquest.  Hope this helps!
> Jeanne Godine
> Pathology Consultants

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