RE: Disposable Microtome blades

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	These are the only blades that we will use also.  They are
manufactured by Feather.  We have tried many others but have found none to
be equal.  We purchase both the high and low profile.  

	Jennifer MacDonald

> The only blades I buy and will use are the Accu-Edge disposable blades.  I
> prefer the low profile but they also make a high profile.
> These blades last a long time without making lines,(unless you have hard
> tissue ) but then any knife will be the same.   I get much thinner
> sections
> with this knife than I can with any other blade because they are sharper.
> They are expensive but well worth it.  I order them from S.P. or Baxter or
> Allegiance, which ever name they go by now.  All the same company.
> Karen in Omaha

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