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We use Tris buffered saline with Tween and magnesium chloride for our buffer
washes.  It is not as convenient as the Dako buffer and it has to be
refrigerated to prevent bacterial contamination.  This is the same buffer we
used when we were doing our immunos by hand and preferred not to change.
For antibody diluent we use 20% normal sheep or swine serum in the wash 
buffer(this is the same solution we use for protein blocking).  Normal swine
serum is preferred since that is the species of the link, but we were having
a lot of trouble with "trash" in the swine serum.

Pat Greer
Infectious Disease Pathology 

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I've been asked to relay a question to all those who work with Dako's
Autoimmunostainer. What are you using for Buffer rinses: Dako's
commercial  TBS or something else?  Those who use something else, could
you please tell me what it is?   They also want to know what you are
using to dilute your antibodies. Are you using Dako's commerical stuff?
Again please specify the diluent being used. 

Many thanks for your help!

Denise Long Woodward
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