Need supplier of Schiff's stain for Feulgen reaction

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Hello Histonetters:

I am tearing my hair out.  I have attempted to make Schiff's that will work
in the Feulgen reaction (a routine stain in our lab) using 4 different lots
of dry stain and 3 different recipes (Lilllie's cold, Coleman's hot, and
Bancroft & Stevens), all to no avail.  Previously wonderful ready-made stain
from our usual supplier no longer works (have tried 4 or 5 different lots).
This supplier has recently changed lots of dry stain as well.  I have tried
a second ready made stain to no avail.  All work fine in the PAS stain, but
not Feulgen.

Is there a vendor who can supply me with a Schiff's tested for Feulgen?

Comments from John Kiernan, Samurai, and other Histonet gurus are most

Regards -
Carol B. McCollough, HT(ASCP)
Diagnostics & Histology Laboratory Manager
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Fisheries Service
Cooperative Oxford Laboratory
904 S. Morris Street
Oxford, MD 21654

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