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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk <lpwenk@mail.netquest.com>
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There will not be any NSH teleconferences for
the next 3 months, due to preparing for the NSH

We start up again in November. And I am working
on the 2001 schedule. Trying to take interests
of the Histonetters and finding someone to talk
about them.

Nov. 15 - Gwen Goss - Hollandes Fixative as a Routine Fixative
	(learn how Cleveland Clinic uses it)

Dec. 13 - Elizabeth Sheppard - CPT codes (sorry, don't remember the REAL
	(a real hit at the NSH Symposium in Providence in 1999)

Jan. 17 - Vinnie Della Speranza - How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person
	(thanks to histonetters for suggesting the need for this)

Feb. 21 - Peggy Wenk - Preparing for the HT/HTL Written Exam
	(to help those trying to pass the exam before an associate degree
	is required in 2005)

Teleconferences are from 1-2 Eastern Time. Please adjust for your time

For more information, or for a sign-up form, contact
NSH at 301-262-6221. Sorry, don't remember how much they cost.

I'm still looking for about 6 more people/topics. (I have some
other months later in the year filled in.)

So Histonetters - let me know what topics you would like, or
who you would like to hear. PLEASE, email me directly. Wouldn't
want the "competition" teleconferences getting your suggestions.


If someone would like to GIVE a teleconference - call me at 
248/551-9079 and we can talk about it. 50 minutes of a talk, 
10 minutes for questions/answers, all the handout pages you want, 
and up to 20 Kodachromes.

Again, thanks.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
NSH Teleconference Coordinator

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