NSH CAP workload guidelines

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Hi there:
 I have a question concerning the NSH guidelines for the workload per tech
per day.  According to Mary's message NSH suggests 1 tech per 50 slides per
day.  Does this take in to account for all the other work done in the lab?
I come from a research lab where we cut about 30 slides/tech/day along with
gross-in, embedding, machine maintenance, staining, data entry, labelling
(we've automated this process), archiving samples, preparing studies for
contract labs, etc.  Each of the techs does everything in our lab.  All of
us have had/or currently have repetitive motion injuries and don't generally
have breaks during the day, even though we're encouraged to. If we increased
our workload up to 50 slides/day/tech I think we'd be here 7 days a week all
night long (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it feels that way sometimes).
If the NSH guidelines do take into account everything done in a lab, then
we'll never be able to justify another position in our lab.  I'd love to
hear what others think. 	 

Palo Alto, CA

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