Liaisons needed for NSH in Milwaukee

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From:Beth Cox <>
To:HistoNet Server <>
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Hi Histonetters,

It's that time again, we're in need of some volunteers to liaison for
workshops at the NSH in Milwaukee.  If you are going to Milwaukee, please
check your registration and see if you are signed up for any of the
workshops listed below, then, if you would be willing to liaison in that
workshop, please e-mail me!

We need liaisons for the following workshops:

Saturday:   1  Registry Eligible, Are you Ready for the HT Exam?
                   2  Troubleshooting the Immunohistochemical Procedure
                   3  Building an IHC Section in Histology
                   6  Immunohistochemistry From The Ground Up
                   10  Technical Aspects of Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry,
tricks of the Trade
                   14  Emergency Management Planning
                   17  Bromodeoxyuridine & Other Markers for Cell
                   18  Enter The New Millennium, Starting your Own Business
                    20  Unveiling the Mystery of ASR Regulation in the
Immuno Lab
                    23  Rinse, Fix, Ice, and Slice, Animal Vital Perfusion
                    24  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
Sunday:      28  Dermatopathology for the Histotech
                    29  Prognostic Markers in Breast Cancer
                    33  Violence in the Workplace
                    37  Idiosyncrasies of Immunohistochemistry (part 1)
                    38  Prognostic & Response to Treatment Markers in Breast
Monday      39  Immunohistochemistry, Theory, Applications, Troubleshooting,
& Enhancement
                    41  Bare Bones Basics
                    42  Technical Aspects Of Immunohistochemistry
                    45  Control Blocks and Tissues
                    47   Frozen Sections, What the Tech Needs to Know
                    48  Moh's Histographic Surgery
                    50  Aniline Dyes, Biologic Stain Commission, & Microwave
                    51 (computer workshop)  Sample Prep for Image Analysis
                    55  Idiosyncrasies of Immunohistochemistry (part 2)
                    58  Gourmet Histology, From the Restaurant Table to the
Hosp Bed
Tuesday:    61  Cancer & Angiogenesis, Roles of Histology & Image Analysis
                    64 (computer workshop) Preparing PowerPoint
                    65  Bone & Cartilage
                    70  Utility of Immunohistochemistry & In-Situ in ID of
Infectious Agents
                    71  Titration Calculations in Immunohistochemistry
                    73  Lab Math for Today's Histotech
                    75  The Art of Autopsy
                    79  The Truth About the Human Equation is in Your
                    80  Charting Out The Histology Lab
                    82  Immunohistochemistry for Beginners
Wednesday Afternoon Seminars

Liaisons assist in workshops by collecting workshop cards,  helping with the
AV and handouts, etc.  You do not need to pay for any workshop you liaison
in (NSH will refund if you have already paid).  If you are going to liaison,
I strongly encourage you to attend the Liaison Training Meeting in Milwaukee
on Friday night at 6:00pm,  especially if you have never liaisoned at NSH
before!  In computer workshops, since the liaison is there to assist the
presenter,  the liaison is not given a computer.

Thanks for your help!  We can always rely on the histonet!

Beth Cox
NSH Workshop Room Staff

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