IHC to see degenerative axon fibers

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From:Maria Mejia <maria@mail.ski.org>

Hello everyone! I posted this message last week with only one reply
from a sales rep, please I need some help on this. I'm searching for
a suitable IHC antibody(s) and protocol to visualize degenerative
axon fibers, especially unmyelinated, in the mammalian brain (the
primary visual cortex). I was thinking maybe a synaptophsin antibody,
or perhaps a particular microtubules or neurofilament(s) antibody
-which would be the best for the above????? I seeking the help
from all the great minds out in histoland. Donna Simmons, any ideas
on this???? Any help is again most appreciated!!
Maria Mejia
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Res. Inst.
tele #415-561-1663
email address maria@ski.org

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